Well, Isn’t That Special

Tuesday, May, 17, 2016

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Wedding Event Insurance


Every year, each of us are either invited to various events or setting up a special event. From a Quinceañera,  to a wedding or birthday event – to block parties – we are either going to, or setting these events up many times a year. What is your responsibility and how can you protect yourself?

Special event policies are a short term policy that can be for the day of the event and even cover the set up or tear down of your event. Special event insurance can help protect you from lawsuits involving claims made for liability or property damage resulting from the event. The policy can also extend to the caterer, bartender, venue owner, and event planner that are hired to make your event a success. Some policies even have coverage endorsements for cancellations because of severe weather or other incidents.

Why would you need this, and aren’t they covered under their own policy? They may have coverage to protect themselves, but it typically does not extend to you. You have an exposure for their mishap because you hired them. Having to hire a lawyer at $100 per hour to defend yourself and the possibility of a settlement is more than enough reason to set up a special event policy.

So, whether you are having a dinner party at your home or planning your child’s wedding, make certain and contact your insurance professional to see how your current policy will cover you, or if additional coverage is needed before you launch the special day.

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